another rustic bench

Yet another of our famous rustic benches is installed. This is at Southwater CP

Our programme

Planned work sites and tasks until the end of the quarter are shown here. The programme is renewed before the beginning of the next quarter.

As you will see, it offers various useful tasks, over several different sites. The size and scope of the tasks on Thursday reflects the lower number of people expected to attend.

It is always a good idea to check the website as work sites may be changed due to poor weather or work requirements.


# If the work site is at Chesworth, Owlbeech, Leechpool, Southwater CP or Warnham LNR, please see this page for details of the meeting point.
# We leave the meeting point at 10 am – and aim to finish work by 1.0 pm

27 June 2017 10:00 at Southwater Country Park
The Great Orchid Count: Episode II & Annual General Meeting

TUESDAY - It’s that time of year again; we will be on our hands and knees hunting for every last orchid at our usual spot by Quarry Lake and Ben’s Field. 

After the task, we will meet in the upstairs room to hold our Annual General Meeting. It shouldn't take long and it is hoped all members will be able to stay for it.

You should have received a copy of the Annual Report & Accounts by email. If you have not got a copy and would like to see it, please contact David

Meet in the Station Road Car Park. Postcode is RH13 9UN; the OS map ref is TQ161 258

A fee is now charged for parking at Southwater CP but free parking permits for the morning will be handed out to HGG members on arrival, make sure you get yours and display it in your car.

29 June 2017 10:00 at Bartholomew Way
Riverside Walk

THURSDAY  - We will be working to remove overhanging vegetation from the route of the Riverside Walk. The Annual Walk takes place on the 15th of next month and we need to make sure the route (totals 13 miles) is as easy as possible for the two hundred plus walkers.

You can probably guess that we will be attacking the 850 feet length of the path on the other side of the A264. We approach it by walking along the path - snipping as we go - which leads to the bridge where the road goes over the railway.

It's quite a big job as Mother Nature has been very busy just recently - and it's essential we cover all of it.

Meet in the car park at the very end of Bartholomew Way. Postcode RH12 5JL.

03 July 2017 18:00 at Chesworth Farm
Balsam Pulling & Skunk Cabbage Digging 6pm-8pm

MONDAY  - 6pm-8pm. Please let Ryan know if you are planning on attending via or on 01403 256890. Hot drink refreshments and all equipment needed will be supplied – Wellies are recommended as it can be a little wet underfoot in this area as well as long sleeves and trousers as there are some stinging nettles! (Young people aged 6-17 must be accompanied by an adult)

Himalayan and Orange Balsam are a problem for waterside habitats across the country; the seeds spread along watercourses and at times of flood, depositing seeds even wider. The plants grow over 6 feet tall in a few short months, shading out native plant species. The plants then fall over in the autumn leaving no root structure to hold the banks in place – leading to huge areas of rapid erosion. The good news is they are very easy to pull out by hand and it is satisfying to stand back at the end of the day and see the huge pile you have pulled up.

American Skunk Cabbage disperses in a similar manner; it is low growing but its leaves can spread about 3 feet wide, shading out native flora. The long leek-like root requires careful digging out. It’s a muddy job but very satisfying.


Meet outside The Volunteer Centre, near the depot compound. Postcode is RH13 0AA; the OS map ref is TQ176 295

04 July 2017 12:30 at Chesworth farm
Annual Barbecue

TUESDAY - No task today. Please arrive no earlier than 12.30 for 1.0 pm feeding time.

£5 per person, tickets can be purchased at the tasks in the weeks before the BBQ. You must have paid for a ticket before the event as food will have been purchased accordingly.

Meet at The Volunteer Centre, near the depot compound. Postcode is RH13 0AA; the OS map ref is TQ176 295

06 July 2017 10:00 at Sandeman Way
Excess vegetation removal

THURSDAY - We will be working to clear excess vegetation from two adjacent sites in preparation for the Horsham Riverside Walk which takes place on Saturday the 15th.

Sandeman Way location map

The sites:
1 - a twitten beside number 20, Sandeman Way connects with the Brighton Road and has been allowed to become very overgrown and narrow. It needs some careful work to cut it all from both sides of the pathway and to take the cuttings down to a suitable place for them to rot.
2 - across Brighton Road, nettles beside the footpath need levelling for about a metre back. The length of this section is about 100m.

Meet at Sandeman Way. Postcode RH13 6EL

11 July 2017 10:00 at Warnham Local Nature Reserve
“The Path”

TUESDAY - A few years on and we are just days away from joining up the circular bark chip path that runs through the woodland on the reserve, making the site more access friendly.

  The task comprises of laying logs to create an edge along the path, hammering in wooden stakes to secure them and then wheel-barrowing bark chippings and spreading them to form an even surface. Materials are locally sourced – mostly from wood grown and processed on the reserve itself.

  Something has taken up residence under the new path! Rabbit Warnham

Something has taken up residence under the new path!


Meet outside the café. Postcode is RH12 2RA; the OS map ref is TQ168 323

13 July 2017 10:00 at Monkmead Wood, West Chiltington
Balsam Pulling *Extended Task* 10:15am-3pm

THURSDAY - Watch this space – possibly Riverside Walk Work

Monkmead Wood, West Chiltington - Himalayan Balsam Pulling along the banks of the river Chilt. We have hit this site hard in the past couple of years and there is much less Balsam this year as a result... but just enough left for us to have a couple of outings to this lovely woodland.

  There will be a port a loo on site and the usual hot drinks.

I'm afraid we are unable to provide organised transport this time so ask that people car share wherever possible as the rural site isn't easy to reach from public transport.

*Ryan would love it if anyone wants to stay on past the normal 1pm finishing time with him. Bring a packed lunch and we will continue the task on until around 3pm.

Meet Monkmead Wood Car Park, Monkmead lane, West Chiltington, RH20 2PG

Please check back to make sure location has not changed for today.

15 July 2017 10:00 at
Annual Riverside Walk 2017

For info visit:  Horshm Riverside Walk 2017

18 July 2017 10:00 at Southwater Country Park
Quarry Slope Rake-off & Park Keeping

TUESDAY - The Quarry slope that we normally strim and rake off in October is having an early trim this year to try and reduce the overwhelming dominance of Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) in the grassland. There will also be some non-raking jobs to do too.

Meet outside the café. Postcode is RH13 9UN; the OS map ref is TQ161 258

A fee is now charged for parking at Southwater CP but free parking permits for the morning will be handed out to HGG members on arrival. Make sure you get yours and display it in your car.

20 July 2017 10:00 at Southwater Country Park - Fishing Lake
Fishing Lake Tidy-up

THURSDAY - The fishing swims need a cut back to allow anglers the best chance of bringing in the catch of the day. There are also fresh bark chippings to be laid and other jobs in the vicinity.

Southwater fishing lake parking map

Southwater Business Park

Meet Fishing Lake car park, Southwater Business Park, RH13 9JB (off Worthing Road, near the Londis shop). You can walk from the café if you like, it’s about a 10 min walk.

25 July 2017 10:00 at Owlbeech Wood
Forrest Walk Trim, Ditching & Path Repair

TUESDAY - Cutting and raking overhanging vegetation along the main path. There is also a ditch to dig out before the autumn rains and a small amount of path surfacing to lay.

Meet at Owlbeech Way car park near the play area. Postcode is RH13 6AW (not exact); the OS map ref is TQ199 317

27 July 2017 10:00 at Chesworth Farm
Gateways, Path Repairs & Poo-picking

THURSDAY - There is a gate or two to fix, some pot holes to fill and vegetation to trim off paths, and the Llamas very kindly leave their years’ worth of droppings in a neat pile for us to bag up to make in to compost for beautiful flowers! “I’ll bring a special treat to those who will put themselves forward to poo-pick.” - Ryan

Llama feeding time chesworth farm

Who could say no to a face like that?

Meet outside The Volunteer Centre, near the depot compound. Postcode is RH13 0AA; the OS map ref is TQ176 295



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