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This is our Health & Safety Policy

Everyone who attends Horsham Green Gym is expected to act in a responsible manner and especially where the health & safety of members and any visitors to our work sites is concerned.

Health and Safety is a shared responsibility

We are all volunteers and all have equal responsibility for making sure that we do everything as safely and sensibly as possible. We need to be able to trust each other and to be able to rely on the co-operation of everyone present.

All our work-party tasks are suitable for volunteers. A Risk Assessment is carried out before each task and leaders will pass on details of any relevant site hazards. New volunteers will be shown how to use tools effectively and safely.

We take a first aid kit on all tasks and have several qualified first aiders in the group.

We keep our tools and equipment in good order so that they are safe to use. Tell the leader if you find an unsafe or broken tool.

For emergencies, we have a written plan which includes the site address and OS map reference in case the emergency services have to be called. You will be shown and told where this is kept.

As a member of a Green Gym work party, please . . .

  • Listen carefully to advice and instructions given by the work-party leader – and follow them!
  • Wear
    • clothing suitable for the task and weather.
    • work boots or stout shoes. Note: Trainers are not suitable on our sites.
    • personal protection equipment supplied e.g. gloves, goggles, safety helmets.
  • Only use tools you have been trained to use and feel comfortable with. Follow instructions on safely carrying tools and placing them when not in use.
  • Make sure that your actions never put anyone else in danger.
  • Be aware that members of the public may be nearby when we are working and we must also guard their health & safety.
  • Never work on your own away from the rest of the group. Always work with at least one other person.
  • Tell the work-party leader and other members of the group if you notice any new hazard.
  • Make the work-party leader aware of any personal medical conditions you think they should know about e.g. diabetes, back injury.
  • Report to the work-party leader, any accidents and dangerous incidents. These will be recorded in the Accident Book and also used to try to improve safety in the future.
  • Smoking: we would rather you didn’t smoke while you are with us but if you decide to do so at coffee break, please so well down-wind so as not to annoy non-smokers. Carefully dispose of matches and cigarette ends.

Precautions to take before attending:

  • Before attending our tasks, you should have completed and submitted the on-line form giving your contact details and those for any emergency. If you unable to do that, please ask for a paper form to complete before the tasks starts.
  • Tell the work party leader if any new illness or injury should be added to the details already reported.
  • If you are recuperating from an illness or injury, or taking medication, ask your GP if you think there is any chance that you might be adversely affected by any physical exertion.


All Horsham Green Gym volunteers are covered by our insurance policy for personal accident and public liability. In this respect, it is important that correct safety procedures are followed.

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