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Horsham Green Gym welcomes new volunteers

Membership is free and open to all ages. Under-16s are welcome at our tasks when accompanied by a responsible adult. A letter of consent, in advance, is required for those aged between 16 and 18.


When you join Horsham Green Gym, you can attend any or all of the work sessions, as your other commitments allow.

You can leave the site at any time but please let the leader know so that we don’t start searching for you at 1.0 pm.

We need to know a little about you and will record contact details, so please go to this page and follow the instructions.

See our policy on volunteering if you have an offending history.

Horsham Green Gym welcomes new members, including those with a history of offending. However we are unable to provide volunteering opportunities to individuals with unspent convictions for sexual or violent offences.

You are welcome to attend any or all tasks

There is always something to get your heart, lungs and muscles working. We want you to work at your own pace – and safely.

Please . . .

Let us know before you come for the first time so that we can look out for you and introduce you to other members.

Are you a carer of someone who is disabled?

Please contact us before coming on the first session. We need to make sure basic safety precautions are in place and understood.

Join Horsham Green Gym

Join Horsham Green Gym

Important for your safety and enjoyment

       What should I wear?

You must have clothing and footwear suitable for the task and the expected weather conditions.

Trainers must not be worn because they give little protection to feet.

We suggest heavy duty shoes, work boots or, in wet and muddy conditions, wellingtons.

We can provide gloves but many members prefer to bring their own.

Tools and refreshments (hot drink and biscuits) are provided on site.

Safety helmets and / or goggles will be issued on those occasions that our Risk Assessment indicates that they should be worn.


Caused by bacteria getting into a wound, tetanus is a serious but very rare condition in this country. The condition can occur after a minor injury not noticed at the time.

A tetanus vaccination is given as part of the NHS childhood vaccination programme but cases can occur in people who were never vaccinated against the condition or didn’t complete the entire vaccination schedule. People who inject illegal drugs are also at an increased risk.

If you’re not sure whether you’ve had the full vaccination course or need a booster shot, contact your GP surgery for advice.

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Try to be early

One advantage of being early at the meeting place is being able to choose your car parking spot. We usually move off from our meeting place only minutes after 10 am, so it pays to be a bit early!

Contact Us.

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